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Blend consisting of only 100% Arabica plantation coffee, selected electronically bean by bean, certified CSC® Certified Specialty Coffee. It has very low levels of natural caffeine.
A mild and delicate long-lasting taste with a fruity and floral intense aroma, with hints of chocolate and a pleasant acidity, thought for those people who are in search of aristocratic excellence.

Special notes:

  • Product certified by CSC® Certified Specialty Coffee, which guarantees and certifies the superior quality of plantation coffee elected.
  • It is characterized by an anti-counterfeiting label, numbered progressively, ensuring that the packaging on which it is affixed contains exclusively certified coffee.
  • To become part of this blend, our beans must overcome 2 selections. The first made in the countries of origin and the second made by us, through an optical-electronic grading machine, which rejects those beans lighter or darker which could affect the coffee taste in the cup. A guarantee for perseverance in having positive results.
  • Brasile Sul de Minas Capoeirinha
  • El Salvador La Libertad San Louis
  • Guatemala Santa Rosa El Hato Blu
  • India Plantation Kodagu Fairland


Gentile 100% Arabica ground 250g

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