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Moka Express

I can recall my passion for coffee far back to when I was just a kid in Italy and I would wake up in the morning with the smell of coffee made by grandfather Vincenzo.

I grew up in an Italian family where the passion for good food was just a natural way of life.

I brought this passion with me in London. Still nowadays I wake up with this unmistakable aroma coming from my kitchen.

So how is Moka made by Italians?

Moka is an Italian invention of the 1930s. The name refers to the city of Moka, in Yemen, famous for the quality of coffee.

It consists of a kettle (lower part), a funnel-shaped filter, a binder (upper part) equipped with a second extractable filter, held in place by a rubber seal. Removable gasket and filter should be changed periodically

The moka is easy to use and produces a full-bodied coffee rich in aromas.

Its design has changed through the years but the operating principle remains the same: the water contained in the base heats up. The steam pressure at about 2 atmospheres pushes it up through the ground coffee and ... here it is.

In order for the coffee to be excellent, the blend must be ground not too finely. The flame must be sweet.

Do not keep the moka on the fire for too long.

How to prepare a moka to perfection:

Fill the base with cold water up to the valve level and no further. Insert the filter

Fill the filter of ground coffee completely, but do not press the powder.

Make sure the filter and rubber gasket are in place. Tighten the two parts of the moka machine tightly

Put the moka on the stove. Warning: keep the fire low

Remove the moka from the heat immediately, as soon as the coffee rises. In this way only the noblest parts of the coffee are extracted.

Mix the coffee with a teaspoon before pouring it into the cups

Rinse the moka with hot water (never use soap) and let it dry perfectly before screwing it back.

I took this photo as I wanted to show you my Bialetti Moka Express. Remember: the older is the moka the nicest is the coffee! Enjoy it

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