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In a gentle way, you can shake the world. (M. Gandhi)

FREEDOM CAFFE' is an Eco-friendly coffee supplier. 


We are specialised in Single Serve Coffee. 

Our respect for the environment guided us in the choice to avoid coffee plastic capsules, which are polluting our planet. We believe in a healthier lifestyle.  

Our coffee comes in filter paper pods. 100% biodegradable.

The use of paper reduces impurities and the coffee is healthier and more digestible.

Our suppliers are Italian Roasters members of CSC, Certified Speciality Coffee. They provide labels with anti counterfeit hologram and numbered progressively.

Once the label has been affixed on the bag/box, it is guaranteed that the contents are solely and exclusively Certified Speciality Coffees. 

We believe that having a good and a high quality coffee, in the workplace or at home, is one of the most important element for a better life!


We are trying our best to promote products which are fairtrade certified to prevent the use of cheap labour in coffee plantations.  We promote organic coffee with a Zero Impact packaging in order to protect the health of our citizens. Our coffee roasters use 100% Green Energy and, when possible, we deliver our coffee with electric cars or bicycles.

We only have one planet. Take care of it. Avoid or reduce plastic.

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